Our Origins & Our Goal

Young Help Suriname, the foundation, was born from the Founder's home - fed passion and the shared vision with the Foundations Partner to support

those around us. The foundation is registred with the chamber of commerce in Suriname, South-America.


The mission of the foundation 

is to Inspire, Impact , Empower and Change lives for creating strong, resilient, healthy and happy individuals, innovative businesses and impact organizations for sustainable development.

Our Core Values




Compassion (for people and planet)


Who is YHS Management ?

We are a team of young mid-career professionals with specialized backgrounds who engage their personal time, talent and passion to empower, Impact and Create postive Change. Young Help Suriname's team consists of committed volunteers:

Ms. K. Ashna Mahepal, MPA, B.Sc:         CEO/Co-founder

Ms. Reita V. Weewee - Madhuban:          CLO

Ms. Shivani Jhagroe        :          Junior Project Coordinator/Core Team 

The link to the YHS Volunteers

How We Work

We collaborate with local- and international partners across the globe utilizing combined perspectives, experiences and competencies to reach our goals. Our team brings a range of local and international combined perspectives and relevant experience to the table to make things work. All our projects are managed by Project Management best practices and led by experienced projectmanagers.  We build partnerships and establish cooperation between people and organizations locally as well as internationally. 

Links to YHS project partners.


Why we do what we do

We believe in the innovative potential of people and the power of teamwork and collaboration, not limited by borders, cultures or differences to achieve goals for creating positive change on local and international level.

We believe in the goodness of people everywhere and in the combined power of friends, family and community to help dreams and aspirations
come true.


We trigger people's potential by giving them a platform and (internarional exchange) exposure, by allowing them to be part of our YHS team/projects and experience how 'strangers can help you gain a network of resources to achieve even higher goals'. We connect you to a network across the globe and then we trust in the goodness of people to join us in doing the same for more people so the chain of empowered individuals keeps growing.


What We Do

We implement and manage projects in and outside Suriname. We build skills through project based volunteerism, on-the job training and workshops.

We create resilient people and organizations by introducing innovation strategies, that generate
new ideas, teach how to add value for competitive edge and build confidence through:


- Projects we develop and implement in the Suriname community in support of the SDGs (Skills of the Future: STEaM/Robotics; Partnerships etc.)


- Facilitating and hosting international (inspirational) Exchange experiences and offering advice on writing applications/giving interviews. We also guide with TOEFL Test-taking.

- On the Job Volunteerism opportunities to develop skills in projectplanning; - management, logistics, communication and peermentoring.

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