Our Network 

Foundation Young Help Suriname's network consists of a range of project partners located in Suriname and reaches into 40 countries across the globe including the United States, Netherlands, Philippines, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique and India. 

The Foundation is part of the Young Leaders of the America's Initiative (YLAI) of former US president Barack Obama, a network of young business- and social Entrepreneurs across Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean.


The foundation is also part of the network of the U.S Department of State exchange Alumni, the Suriname-China Alumni, the Suriname-India ITEC Alumni and the Holland Alumni.


Our broad and diversified network enables us to function as a powerful platform to facilitate national and international collaboration within the profit and non-profit sector.

NGO's and businesses in 35 countries across Latin- and Central America and the Caribbean.

Professional from various fields, backgrounds and expertise.

Partners for Innovation and Technology Projects [STEM and ROBOTICS]

Below are the logo's of organizations we have partnered, collaborated and executed projects with