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Science, Tech, Engineering and Math


We believe that the Future of  Work cannot exist without Innovation and collaboration with the knowledge intensive industry worldwide.  Within this, technology is the essential enabler of development and young STEM minds are the key shapers of a sustainable future.


YHS focusses on empowering young people through  TVET approach capacity building, gamification, cross-border teamwork and (peer-to-peer) mentorship.  Using project based local skills building, and exposure to inspirational personal experiences in the field of STEM and Innovation we triggers and ignite inner passion for achieving great things and build self-esteem for working together in changing the world for the better. 

YHS is the official counterpart of FIRST Global in Suriname and each year recruits the national Suriname Robotics Team for training and preparation (Design, Build, Wire, Program, and Operate a robotic device) for representing Suriname in the International FIRST Global Olympic Style Robotics Challenge (FIRST Global Challenge - FGC).

"The FGC games are not only a competition, but also to empower and build collaboration and friendship among young STEM interested minds in more than 150 countries across the globe. Being part of this network and having access to this rich resource is important for Suriname, if we also want to contribute with the talent we have and enable our young people to make use of this global platform to emerge as STEM and Innovation future leaders.'' - Ashna Mahepal (CEO Foundation YHS




The story behind Suriname and FIRST GLOBAL

YHS was connected by Meridian International Center and YLAI-Obama Program network to former Navy Admiral & US congressman Joe Sestak, who was championing the  inauguration of a global STEaM network for Robotics, FIRST GLOBAL.


Bij being part of the FG Network young Suriname connects to knowledge, experience and resources across the globe. FGC enables us to work towards building competitive STEM skills locally as well as in coopetition (cooperative competition) with various country teams in more than 175+ countries around the world. It's a perfect combination of building skills within a certain time, applying it and testing it's capabilities at nothing less than a high level international collaborative and competitive event.


FIRST Global launched the international Robotics games (FIRST Global Challenge - FGC) in 2017. Their mission is to inspire science and technology leadership and innovation in young people from all nations in order to increase understanding, impress the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing issues, and improve quality of life for all. The games in general aim to stimulate STEM, innovation and its application in robotics for solving the most pressing challenges of our planet, especially those related to water, energy, security, medicine, food, and education. FIRST stands for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology'.

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Team 2017: L- R:  Dr. Daniel Lachman; Shayant Sital; Ayan Jhagroe; Ivana Codrington

In 2017 Suriname participated in the inaugural games in Washington DC and was ranked on the list of 163 teams from 157 countries as rank 49 with a total of 480 cumulative points (4 games won from 6). Landing in the top 50 was a result of hard work and dedication of a team of three young students with no prior robotics experience. Mentored and supported by a group of 8 volunteers, the team prepared and all the hard work paid of at the games.


The robot they designed and built called Sweef-teki (meaning 'slide and own') performed to the expectations of the team. The most difficult part of the game challenge, which delivered the most points (20 points) was the element Sweef-teki did seamlessly and so added to the total score of its alliance in almost each game round it played. 


Team 2018: L - R: Ayan Jhagroe (alternate); Lesley Uiterloo,  Dr. D. Lachman; Seth Tjokrodimedjo; Joel Naarendorp

For the 2018 games 161 teams from across the world travelled to Mexico city for the Energy Impact game challenge. 


While in 2017 team ranking was done based on cumulative points, the ranking in 2018 was done based on number of games won from a total of 8 games. For cumulative points Suriname's robot scored 5148 points in just 3 won matches. This placed us in the top 53 countries scoring more than 5000 points translating in 'most effective robots'. On the ranking based on won games we ended op spot 103 on the list of 161 teams.
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National Teams attending

  The full 2017 Team Ranking list can be found here.

  The full 2018 Team Ranking list can be found here.

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The Project Team

Each year a group of  committed Young Helpers (YHS members) led by a Projectmanagement Team work in the background to ensure Suriname's Robotics Team is ready to represent. This International level preparation and participation requires dedicated individuals with a passion for Technology and Innovation, who work fast and precise because there is no time to waste.

While building local capacity, young minds are inspired to become a community of collaboration, problem-solvers, innovators and enablers. 

The project engages at the minimum individuals for:
Project management || Project daily Operations || Training (Senior Mentor and support mentors) || FG Administration (FG Team registration, Team profiles) || Logistics (training, video shooting, interviews, teach-ins, teambuilding etc.) || Fundraising || Travel Logistics (visa, passports, vaccinations, medical documents, roundtrip Airfare, || accomodation, transportation) || Legal Administration (Participation Agreements, Parent Travel Authorizations for minors, Health documents etc.) || Game country preparedness Social Media management || FG Team PR requirements (video production, photo's, team interviews etc.)

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