We provide personal guidance and mentoring to help you transform your idea into a reality. 

We were one of the first to launch the Business Canvas Model Workshop in Suriname and continue to offer personal mentoring to young entrepreneurs. We provide guidance in Planning and Implementation and help develop business launch, growth and sustainability strategies.

Our advice, guidance and support gets people to kick-start their dreams and supports those already active to effectively grow their network.


  • We inspire entrepreneurship en help you step into realizing your dream.

  • We mentor and guide young entrepreneurs in ideation, planning and strategic business development.

  • We support with essenstial skills development and introduce (Innovative) Tools to help scale organizations/busineses. 

  • We facilitate partnerships to grow business network.


Throug the YLAI program, we have a network of professionals in 35 Latin- American and Caribbean Countries with exptertise in various areas. This pool allows us to support and guide you to the perfect fit for your organisation. With the right partnerships, we help you to look beyond your borders, create shared value and achieve greater things for your business, community and personally.

Below are images of some of our projects, empowering and triggering entrepreneurship and young leadership within the Suriname community, but also abroad.

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