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Team Suriname - 2021 FGC
L-R: Gyan Doerdjan,  Eleanor Lokhai, Aryan Sewdin,  Keith Atmodimedjo; Eve Djojodikromo, Youri Karijopawiro

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 The 2021 FIRST* Global Challenge 'Discover and Recover'

                                         *For Inspiration and Recognizion of Science and Technology

FGC 2021 - Announcement Video 






About the 2021 FGC
The FIRST Global Challenge is an olympics-style, international robotics competition that takes place in a different country each year. FIRST Global invites each nation to send a team to build and program a robot to compete. Teams work together to complete tasks in a game themed around one of the greatest challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task — together.

Young Help Suriname's Goal
To empower and inspire young people through STEM, volunteerism  and  Robotics. Teams are triggered to engage with it's members and the FG community to develop and use the following skills:
    - Teamwork and maximizing collaboration 
    - Communication (using digital tools)
    - Managing multiple deadlines and activities
    - Design Thinking - Solution Development
    - Product Design (2D/3D modelling, video editing, programmig etc.)
    - STEM application vide Robotics + 

YHS is the official counterpart of FIRST Global in Suriname and responsible

for everything to enable Suriname's participation on the 190+ country participation platform.

The FG 2021 challenge consisted of 3 main components:

  1. Solution Challenge 
  2. Cubesat Protptype Challenge (Arduino-based Kit: class of nanosatellite)
  3. Robotics Challenge (4 individual build challenges) 


Challenge: Online 

Period: 27 June - 18 September 2021

Theme: Discover & Recover 

Countries/teams  participating: 177

Final ranking result Team Suriname: 42
Full ranking list: here

Live broadcast link: 

Official  FG Team page: here

Official Suriname FG Partner: YHS

Team Manager /Mentor: Ashna Mahepal
2nd Official FG team contact: Shivani Jhagroe

Lead Technical Mentor: Shayant Sital
Alternate Lead Mentor: Ayan Jhagroe

Senior Mentors: Lesley Uiterloo (project admin)
                              Seth Tjokrodimedjo
                              Joel Naarendorp
                              Ivana Codrington

Peer Mentors:    Shyfka Landveld
                              Anjessa Linger
                              Jeremy Richaards

Mentor Team Advisor: Daniel Lachman

 Robotics Team Suriname:
1. Eve Djojodikromo
2. Eleanor Lokhai
3. Keith Atmodimedjo
4. Youri Karijopawiro
5. Gyan Doerdjan
6. Aryan Sewdin


Leadership Board of 177 teams


Total Points

2021 FGC CHALLENGES Components

Challenge FGc2021 Component 3.jpg
Challenge FGc2021 Component 2.jpg
Challenge FGc2021 Component 1.jpg

SOLUTIONS  Challenge                    

Phase 1: Engineering Notebook - Solutions Challenge                    Educational Game App for kids

page 1-3 Eng Notebook.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-07 at 12.25.51 (1).jpeg

The students decided to present an educational game app in dutch consisting of an alphabet game, a counting game, a colors & shapes game, a memory game and a simple math game for kids ages 4-7. Each game with a different animated character relateable to Surinamese kids with fun colors and shapes to keep them engaged. A scoring system and progress tracker with incentives and daily login bonus to stimulate playful learning.

ROBOTICS Challenge                    

FGC Robotics Team Suriname 2021.jpg
Hanging Mechanism - Photo 4.jpg
Photo 1- drivetrain.jpg
Robot arm - Photo 2.png


Team Supporters

160x160 YHS logo sharp.png

PROJECT Management Team

Mentor Team

Ashna Mahepal - Project Manager/ FG Contact
Shivani Jhagroe - FG Contact
Lesley Uiterloo - Projectadministration support

Shayant Sital - Lead Mentor
Ayan Jhagroe - Senior Mentor
Lesley Uiterloo  - Senior Mentor
Joel Naarendorp - Senior Mentor
Seth Tjokrodimedjo - Senior Mentor
Ivana Codrington - Senior Mentor

Danny Lachman - Mentor Advisor

Peer Mentors

Shyfka Landveld
Anjessa Linger
Jeremy Richaards 


Team supporters /volunteers

Faculteit der Technologische Wetenschappen - WTB

If you like to be a supporter of  YHS SDG projects or the Tech & Robotics Projects, feel free to send an email to

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