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 Suriname part of  2020 FIRST* Global Robotics Challenge 

                                         *For Inspiration and Recognizion of Science and Technology

Team Suriname 2020.jpeg

The 2020 FGC Suriname Robotics Team 
Top row: L-R: Consuella Benschop; Eros Bianchi; Shykfa Landveld; 
Jamil Kromokarijo; Siemran Jankie; 
Second row: L-R: Kavin Cai; Jamir DaimanTaufiq Shyamnarain; Youri Karijopawiro; ; 


H.E. Ch. Santokhie -
President of the Republic of Suriname 

Supporting message for Robotics Team Suriname



The 2020 FGC game challenge theme 'Connecting Communities' was specifically selected to enable continued participation of countries despite the Covid-19 Pandemic and country restrictions: a complete virtual participation of 175 teams across 170+ countries.

The aim is to have teams engage with it's members and the FG community to develop and use the following skills:
    -  Teamwork and maximizing collaboration 
    - Communication (using digital tools)
    - Managing multiple deadlines and activities
    - Design Thinking
    - Product Design (2D/3D modelling, video editing, programming, CAD tools)
    - STEM application in developing a Chain Reaction Contraption    

The challenge consisted of 3 types of activities:

  1. Technical Challenges
  2. Social Media Challenges
  3. STEM Talks & Interviews 

Challenge: Online 

Period: 1 July - 25 September 2020

Thema 2020FGC: Connecting communities

Countries/teams  participating: 174

Final ranking result Team Suriname: 18
Full ranking list:

Live broadcast link: here

Official  FG Team page: Suriname

Official Suriname FG Partner: YHS

Team Manager /Mentor: Ashna Mahepal

Lead Technical Mentor: Shayant Sital
Senior Mentors: Ayan Jhagrie and
                              Ivana Codrington
Junior Mentors: Lesley Uiterloo
                              Seth Tjokrodimedjo
                               Joel Naarendorp
Peer Mentor: Jeremy Richaards
Mentor Team Advisor: Daniel Lachman

2nd Official FG team contact: Shivani Jhagroe 

Robotics Team Suriname:
1. Kavin Cai
2. Jamil Kromokarijo
3. Jamir Daiman

4. Taufiq Shyamnarain
5. Siemran Jankie
6. Shykfa Landveld 
7. Consuella Benschop
8. Eros Bianchi
9. Youri Karijopawiro


Technical Challenges: 59
Social Media Challenges: 17
STEM Talks & Interviews: 18
Total Points: 94

Alle teams: hier



Tech Challenge paper plan elauncher.png
Better by Design.jpg
Motion Machine.jpg

FGC #10- Glorious Motion Contraption

FGC #14- Let's Get Animated 


Peer Mentors Team

Team Supporters



160x160 YHS logo sharp.png

PROJECT Management Team

Ashna Mahepal - Project Manager/ 1st Official FG Contact

Shivani Jhagroe - 2nd Official FG Contact

Mentor Team

Shayant Sital - Lead Mentor

Ayan Jhagroe - Senior Mentor

Ivana Codrington  - Senior Mentor
Ashna Mahepal - Senior Mentor

Lesley Uiterloo -  Junior Mentor

Seth Tjokrodimedjo - Junior Mentor

Joel Naarendorp - Junior Mentor
Danny Lachman - Mentor Advisor

Team supporters /volunteers

Video Shout-out: H.E. Ch. Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname

Video Shout-out: Mr. Kishan Ramsukul - Member of National Parliament

Video Shout-out: Mr.    - member of  Youth Parliament
Admin Support: Mrs. Claudia Veldkamp
Faculteit Technologische Wetenschappen (FTeW - Mechanical Eng.) - Mr. Bissesar

All FB/LinkedIn post likers and post sharers/topfans.

If you like to be a supporter of  YHS SDG projects or the Tech & Robotics Projects, feel free to send an email to

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