Suriname part of  2020 FIRST* Global Robotics Challenge 


                                         *For Inspiration and Recognizion of Science and Technology



The 2020 FGC game challenge theme 'Connecting Communities' ..............


For YHS, the FGC games are not only the highlight for a young person to have a life impacting global inspirational experience amidst like-minded tech peers from over 180 countries, but they’re increasingly about the students and mentors becoming aware of the many opportunities of collaboration in the field of technology, innovation and robotics (now and in the future). FG is a platform opening doors of global cooperation and opportunity to contribute and for this Suriname needs to be present and part of the Robotics/Tech movement. 

In 2018 Suriname participated at the FIRST Global game challenge held in Mexico City and ranked on the list of 161 in the top 53 countries with most cumulative points in alliance; while based on number of games won, we ended on spot 103.  In 2017 Suriname ended in the top 50 on a list of 163 teams. More on: FGC 2017 and FGC2018.

Challenge: Online 

Period: 1 July - 25 September 2020

Thema 2020FGC: Connecting communities

Countries/teams  participating: 174

Live broadcast link: here

Official  FG Team page: Suriname

Official Suriname FG Partner: YHS

Team Suriname Manager: Ashna Mahepal

Lead Technical Mentor: Shayant Sital
Senior Mentors: Ayan Jhagrie and
                              Ivana Codrington
Junior Mentors: Lesley Uiterloo
                              Seth Tjokrodimedjo
                               Joel Naarendorp
Peer Mentor: Jeremy Richaards

Project Coordinatot: Shivani Jhagroe 

Robotics Team Suriname:
1. Kavin Cai
2. Jamil Kromokarijo
3. Jamir Daiman

4. Taufiq Shyamnarain
5. Siemran Jankie
6. Shykfa Landveld 
7. Consuella Benschop
8. Eros Bianchi
9. Youri Karijopawiro


Team learn

  • Team Work / Team Communication


Getting ready for the october FGC 2019 challenge

Mentors Team en project Coordinator


The 2020 FGC Suriname Robotics Team

Starting from top left to right:

Consuella Benschop

2. Jamil Kromokarijo
3. Jamir Daiman

4. Taufiq Shyamnarain
Kavin Cai
6.  Youri Karijopawiro
7. Siemran Jankie
8. Eros Bianchi
9. Shykfa Landveld 


RANKING 2020 FGC (174 teams)


Follow the ranking at:

Team Supporters

PROJECT Management Team

Ashna Mahepal - Project Manager

Shivani Jhagroe - Project Coordinator

Mentor Team

Shayant Sital - Lead Mentor

Ayan Jhagroe - Senior Mentor

Ivana Codrington  - Senior Mentor

Lesley Uiterloo -  Junior Mentor

Seth Tjokrodimedjo - Junior Mentor

Joel Naarendorp - Junior Mentor
Danny Lachman - Mentor Edvisor

Team supporters /volunteers

Video Shout-out: H.E. Ch. Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname

Video Shout-out: Mr. Kishan Ramsukul - Member of National Parliament

Video Shout-out: Mr.    - member of  Youth Parliament
Admin Support: Mrs. Claudia Veldkamp
Faculteit Technologische Wetenschappen (FTeW) - Mr. Bissesar

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