Suriname part of  2020 FIRST* Global Robotics Challenge 


                                         *For Inspiration and Recognizion of Science and Technology

Team Suriname 2020.jpeg

The 2020 FGC Suriname Robotics Team 
Top row: L-R: Consuella Benschop; Eros Bianchi; Shykfa Landveld; 
Jamil Kromokarijo; Siemran Jankie; 
Second row: L-R: Kavin Cai; Jamir DaimanTaufiq Shyamnarain; Youri Karijopawiro; ; 




The 2020 FGC game challenge theme 'Connecting Communities' was specifically selected to enable continued participation of countries despite the Covid-19 Pandemic and country restrictions: a complete virtual participation of 175 teams across 170+ countries.

The aim is to have teams engage with it's members and the FG community to develop and use the following skills:
    -  Teamwork and maximizing collaboration 
    - Communication (using digital tools)
    - Managing multiple deadlines and activities
    - Design Thinking
    - Product Design (2D/3D modelling, video editing, programming, CAD tools)
    - STEM application in developing a Chain Reaction Contraption    

The challenge consisted of 3 types of activities:

  1. Technical Challenges
  2. Social Media Challenges
  3. STEM Talks & Interviews 

Challenge: Online 

Period: 1 July - 25 September 2020

Thema 2020FGC: Connecting communities

Countries/teams  participating: 174

Final ranking result Team Suriname: 18
Full ranking list:

Live broadcast link: here

Official  FG Team page: Suriname

Official Suriname FG Partner: YHS

Team Manager /Mentor: Ashna Mahepal

Lead Technical Mentor: Shayant Sital
Senior Mentors: Ayan Jhagrie and
                              Ivana Codrington
Junior Mentors: Lesley Uiterloo
                              Seth Tjokrodimedjo
                               Joel Naarendorp
Peer Mentor: Jeremy Richaards
Mentor Team Advisor: Daniel Lachman

2nd Official FG team contact: Shivani Jhagroe 

Robotics Team Suriname:
1. Kavin Cai
2. Jamil Kromokarijo
3. Jamir Daiman

4. Taufiq Shyamnarain
5. Siemran Jankie
6. Shykfa Landveld 
7. Consuella Benschop
8. Eros Bianchi
9. Youri Karijopawiro


Technical Challenges: 59
Social Media Challenges: 17
STEM Talks & Interviews: 18
Total Points: 94

Alle teams: hier


Tech Challenge paper plan elauncher.png
Better by Design.jpg
Motion Machine.jpg

FGC #10- Glorious Motion Contraption

FGC #14- Let's Get Animated 


Peer Mentors Team

Team Supporters



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PROJECT Management Team

Ashna Mahepal - Project Manager/ 1st Official FG Contact

Shivani Jhagroe - 2nd Official FG Contact

Mentor Team

Shayant Sital - Lead Mentor

Ayan Jhagroe - Senior Mentor

Ivana Codrington  - Senior Mentor
Ashna Mahepal - Senior Mentor

Lesley Uiterloo -  Junior Mentor

Seth Tjokrodimedjo - Junior Mentor

Joel Naarendorp - Junior Mentor
Danny Lachman - Mentor Advisor

Team supporters /volunteers

Video Shout-out: H.E. Ch. Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname

Video Shout-out: Mr. Kishan Ramsukul - Member of National Parliament

Video Shout-out: Mr.    - member of  Youth Parliament
Admin Support: Mrs. Claudia Veldkamp
Faculteit Technologische Wetenschappen (FTeW - Mechanical Eng.) - Mr. Bissesar

All FB/LinkedIn post likers and post sharers/topfans.

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