FIRST GLOBAL Robotics Challenge 2018 in Mexico City - Mexico

Suriname Robotics

When we received our 2018 version Robot kit

After the successful inaugural FIRST Global games of 2017, 161 teams traveled to Mexico City to be part of the 2018 FGC STEM and Innovation Robotics games.

FIRST Global's mission is to inspire science and technology leadership and innovation in young people from all nations in order to increase understanding, impress the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing issues, and improve quality of life for all. The games in general aim to stimulate STEM, innovation and its application in robotics for solving the most pressing challenges of our planet, especially those related to water, energy, security, medicine, food, and education. FIRST stands for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology'.


Foundation Young Help Suriname (YHS), was successful in training and bringing a Robotics Team from Suriname that was competitively prepared to the FGC Mexico games. The Suriname team arrived and on day 2 was already supporting other teams with some improving and upgrading touches to their bots. The spirit of cooperation and networking, building relationships was present and young hears were inspired with a unforgettable experience. Suriname's future generation was exposed to knowledge, experience and resources on an international level and the already laid basis for opportunities to collaborate and work were strenghtened and grown. As we expand and continue our STEM building and empowering activities in Suriname, we believe that Suriname youth will be in the STEM teams developing innovative robotics engineering solutions in partnerships in the near future.

2018 Team Main Sponsor

Supporting Sponsors

Mr. M. Ashwin S. Adhin

The 2018 Trainee Team of 7 with YHS Jr. Project Coordinator Shivani

The 2018 Final Team and  Jr. mentor/ alternate

Suriname's performance at the 2018 FGC games in MEXICO CITY - Mexico

In 2018 Suriname participated in the FIRST Global game challenge held in Mexico City and ranked on the list of 161 in the top 53 countries with most cumulative points and on spot 103 based on number of games won in alliances of 3.  

Being in the group of most cumulative points says that Suriname' s robot was built in a smart and effective way to complete the tasks of the games.

The robot designed in 2018 was named in honor of it's predecessor and builders: 'Sweef-teki  2.0 (meaning 'slide and own'.


  01 - Team Romania

  02 - USA
  04 - Mexico

  14 - Denmark

  21 - UK

  27 - Germany

  43- Israel

  58 - India

  89 - Guyana

  96 - New Zealand

103 - Suriname

104 - Canada

115 - Team North-America

131 -  Russia

140 -  Europe

142 - Netherlands

143 - France

147 - Belgium

157 - Australia

161 - Phillipines

  The full 2018 Team Ranking list can be found here.

Team T-shirts sponsored by DRESS code

Team  logo designed by Avinaash Sheoratan

Team 2018: L- R: Ayan Jhagroe (jr. Team mentor/alternate); Lesley Uiterloo, Dr. D. Lachman; Seth Tjokrodimedjo en Joel Naarendrop

The 2018 game challenge is called Energy Impact

The 2018 FGC games in Arena Ciudad de Mexico City - Mexico