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Supporting Sustainable Development since 2000 !

Our Origins & Our Goal

Young Help Suriname,

the foundation, was born from the Founder's home - fed passion and vision
share & support 
those around us.


The mission of the foundation

is to Inspire, Empower & Impact and 

Change lives for creating strong, resilient,

healthy and happy
individuals, innovative businesses and impact organizations for 

sustainable development.

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Our Team

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Our activities

All our activities/projects are geared towards supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on Partnerships, Innovation, Education and promoting equity for creating equal opportunities. Our projects are build on platforms of collaboration with local and international partners. We connect and work together to create shared value for mutual benefit.


We empower young people with Skills of the Future towards success through inspiration, impact and by creating positive change ! 

We believe in education, working hard, working with like-minded people and giving others opportunities of growth !


Project management

All our projects are managed by Project Management best practices. Our team brings a range of local and international combined perspectives and relevant experience to the table. 

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SURINAME succesvol aangemeld voor 2019 FGC

De Stichting YHS heeft onlangs Suriname succesvol kunnen aanmelden voordeelname aan de 3e internationale Robotics competitie (FIRST Global Challenge), welke  gehouden zal worden van 24 tot 27 augustus in Dubai, de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten. 



Na enkele vermoeiende vertragingen en uitgestelde vluchten is het Robotics Team Suriname op woensdag 24 augustus, drie dagen later dan gepland, terug in Suriname. In Mexico-Stad heeft Team Suriname 5.148 punten weten te behalen.



Vanmorgen is het team bestaande uit de 3 studenten Lesley Uiterloo, Joel Naarendorp en Seth Tjokrodimedjo samen met de senior Technical Mentor, Daniel Lachman, en Robot Zweef Teki 2.0. vertrokken naar Mexico City, alwaar zij Suriname zullen vertegenwoordigen op de Internationale Robotic Games

Connecting to Global Opportunities

We initiate and implement projects that empower young people, expose them to inspirational experiences, build confidence, support personal success to impact and create positive change in the communities connected to us.

Each year we select, train and facilitate a Robotics Team (students ages 14 -18) to represent Suriname at the international FIRST Global Challenge: a platform involving more than 150 countries working together to inspire and develop young minds for STEM, Robotics and Innovation application in ultimately engineering solutions in the near future for solving the Word's most pressing Engineering Challenges.

Each year we inspire and mentor young entrepreneurs to apply for opportunities abroad such as the 6 weeks fully funded Young Leaders of the America's Initiative of the US Department of State (YLAI),  the ITEC program offered by the Republic of India and courses offered by the People's Republic of China among others.

Community Impact Project 

We initiate, develop and implement projects in support of empowering youth and the communities we are linked to. We develop our projects to support the Sustainable Development Goals, and partner with local and international organizations and businesses to achieve common goals. 

We support companies to links their Corporate Social Responsibly strategy to our existing community projects or help them develop, implement and manage specific projects upon request.

Companies and organisations who have partnered or supported our projects are the UNDP, Joshua Warriors Youth Organization, Assuria, Dopper Caribbean, Nola Hatterman Art Academy, Suriname Water Company (SWM), and several local schools.


We initiate projects that help develop essential skills and introduce you to (Innovative) Tools to help you develop and scale your organization/ business. 

We were one of the first to launch the Business Canvas Model Workshop in Suriname and continue to offer personal mentoring to young entrepreneurs. We provide guidance in Planning and Implementation and help develop business growth and sustainability strategies.

Our support get things done effectively and helps you grow your network.

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