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Robot 'Sweef Taki' Travels - Keep checking in as more information gets added.

Robotics at Staatsolie

Ready to take part in an inhouse Game Challenge

Phases we go through when building Sweef Teki from scratch
  • Parts selection: wheels, frames, sprockits, screws, brackets etc.

  • Thinking up a design

  • Mechanical Engineering: converting that design into a physical structure

  • Electrical Engineering: connecting all the parts:  electrical components and wires

  • Coding: developing a program to communicate with Sweef Teki

  • Operation: connecting hardware and software: driver station to game pads and sweef Teki's 'mind

  • Testing: practicing communications with Sweef teki: testing his driving skills

  • Make up: brushing Sweef Teki: fixing all the wires so he looks 'good' and ready to go

Countries Sweef Teki travelled to
Awareness - Robotics Demo sessions

February 2019:  Steam-it fair at Powakka  (Amer Indian Indigenous village area) in collaboration with  alumni of the
                            Suriname-America Alumni Association (SAAA): 90 pupils

April 2019       : Open day at Anton de Kom University (Technological Faculty)

August 2019   : Robotics at primary school in Sunnypoint in collaboration with 'Mi Skoro Pasi Foundation


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Tech Genius Peer mentors and Logistics Coordinator


Project Manager - Ashna Mahepal

Logistics Coordinator - Shivani Jhagroe

Lead Mentor - Daniel Lachman 

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